Almost all travelers know that you must arrive to the airport at least two hours in advance to fly international and at least one hour to fly domestic. Recently the number of passengers missing their flights has reached extreme numbers. The Transportation Security Administration (TSA) is to blame.

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TSA lines have become more and more backed up. It doesn’t really matter if you follow the suggested airline guideline on when to arrive anymore. Surgeon, Hookman Nikizad arrived at the Minnesota Airport for a domestic flight, three hours early. Nikizad was flight to Los Angeles and waited in line to pass through security for over 90 minutes. The passenger was forced to purchase another flight for $506.85 with a seperate airline. He filed a lawsuit to sue for that amount but dropped the suit latter on this week.

That doesn’t make any sense at all. You follow instructions and you still get screwed. Delta Airlines has developed methods for new efficient security protocols at the Atlanta airport. There’s said to be possibilities of the new methodology to become nationwide. In the Chicago airport, 450 passengers missed flights due to excessively long TSA lines, this week alone. TSA better figure it out or more lawsuits are going to continue to pop up. Check out a video on the growing issue below.

Source: Time || USA Today