3 NYPD commanders and also a businessman were arrested on corruption charges. They have been accused of accepting gifts in exchange for favors. These officers include the deputy chief, deputy inspector, and sergeant.

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Deputy inspector James Grant, deputy chief Michael Harrington, and sergeant David Villanueva are all being investigated as authorities look into New York City mayor Bill de Blasio’s fundraising methods. The businessman who’s name is Jeremy Reichberg, was actually a donor to mayor de Blasio’s mayoral campaign. The gifts were being accepted by he deputy chief and deputy inspector. They both were being supplied by two New York business people, Reichberg and Jona S. Rechnitz. Rechnitz is also being investigated for corruption charges. The sergeant has been accused of illegally aiding the processing of firearm licenses. Rechnitz is cooperating with police.

The gifts given to the cops include the 2013 Super Bowl with the accompaniment of a prostitute, video game consoles for the commanders’ children, and expenses paid for international and U.S. travel. They commanders accepted gifts in exchange for road closures and police escorts, assistance with the procurement of Police Department pistol licenses and more.

Source: Complex