IFWT_Draymond LeBron hug

Most of us have been harsh on Draymond Green and his affinity for hitting below the belt but on Sunday night, he showed why he’s the heart and soul of the Warriors team.  After sitting in the locker room stunned at what just occurred, Green got up, walked back on the court amid the Cavaliers celebration, on his home court, and congratulated his opponents.

“Like I said, I hate to lose, but you learn something from everything,” Green said via Mercury News. “I take pride in being a high-character guy, and to just leave the floor like I did, I wouldn’t have been able to — I wouldn’t have felt right about myself for a long time if I didn’t go back out there and congratulate those guys on what they accomplished.”

He also embraced LeBron James, the player whom he got into an altercation with that led to his suspension.  Green was criticized for hitting James in the nuts and calling him a bi–h.  It was assumed that these two were now sworn enemies but that is not the case.

“In the same place we were before,” Green told USA TODAY Sports of his relationship with James. “Mad respect. That’s family. It ain’t no hard feelings. I’ve got nothing but love and respect for LeBron. He’s a competitor. I’m a competitor. We had our moment during the (series). Who gives a (expletive)?

“If you don’t have it, then – it’s basketball. Hey, we’re trying to win a championship. They were trying to win a championship. Stuff happens. But ain’t no love lost. It is what it is. The love is still there. The respect will always be there.”

Green also took responsibility for the Warriors loss.  Not for Game 7, after all, he led the team with a near triple-double of 32 points, 15 rebounds and 9 assists.  He instead took the blame for Game 5, his suspension which he says was the turning point.

“I blame myself for everything, that’s who I am,” Green said. “Hey, I’m not afraid to take the blame. I do think that’s where the series turned. I learned from it. I’ll be better. I’m not afraid to say it’s my fault. I think it was. But this ain’t the last time you’ll see us.”

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