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The 2016 Golden State Warriors beat the 96′ Chicago Bulls 72-10 record by finishing the season at 73-9.  Going into Game 7, Stephen Curry and his squad knew if they didn’t win the championship their record breaking season wouldn’t hold as much prominence.  Unfortunately for them, they fell short of the ultimate goal as the Cleveland Cavaliers won the 2016 NBA championship.  Now Scottie Pippen and Dennis Rodman, members of the 96′ Bulls, declared that they’re still the greatest team in NBA history.

Last night Dennis Rodman congratulated the Cavaliers, then told the Warriors they had a great season but his team is still the best.

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This morning, Scottie Pippen appeared on ESPN Radio’s “Mike & Mike” and was asked who the greatest team in NBA history was after the Cavs rallied from a 3-1 deficit to beat the Warriors.

“The 1995-96 Bulls,” Pippen said. “We live on.”

“For sure, I was pulling for the Cleveland Cavaliers. I would only hope that as a part of that ’96 team that you have if they don’t win the Finals is you keep your legacy going by them losing. You can’t take nothing away from what their team did in the regular season. They do have the record, but I just think that we saw a really good team in Cleveland rise through the playoffs. Golden State was definitely the best team all regular season, but I felt like in the playoffs, this Cleveland Cavalier team really got their swagger, meaning on both ends of the basketball.

“You can’t be considered a great team until you win a championship,” Pippen added. “No matter how well you do in the regular season, it has to be capped off with a championship to really mark your legacy in the game, and that’s where Golden State had some failure there because they lost their dominance in the playoffs. Let’s go back and look at where they were in the Oklahoma series, and where they were in the Cleveland series. They never brought that dominance they had throughout the regular season into the playoffs.”

The Warriors are coached by Steve Kerr, another member of that 1995-96 Bulls team. He said after the game the Warriors were “stunned,” but said the better team won the NBA Finals.

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source: ESPN x Larry Brown Sports