The U.S. Senate has recently been looking into the gun control laws especially after the Orlando shooting. Omar Mateen who was questioned by the FBI in 2013 and 2014 was able to purchase a semi-automatic gun.

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Democrats and Republicans voted for four amendments that could have possibly made it a little harder for Mateen to purchase a weapon. This is what they voted on.

Dianne Feinstein from Calif. Proposed a measure, which is backed by the White House, that would give the Justice Department the authority to block anyone who had appeared on the federal terrorist watch lists within the last five years from purchasing a got. It would also make it easier for government officials stop a gun purchase based on “reasonable belief” rather than “probable cause” that the individual would use the weapon to commit a terrorist act.

A measure from Dem. Chris Murphy of Conn. would have closed the “gun show loophole” by imposing mandatory background checks on all gun purchases, including those made on the Internet, and would expand the background check database.
Republican John Cornyn from T
ex. proposed a measure that would require law enforcement to be alerted each time an individual on the suspected terror list tried to be a gun from a licensed dealer. If they’ve been investigated for terrorism within the past five year, the attorney general would have the ability to hold the sale for up to three days while the sale is reviewed by court. Of course, they’d have to show probable cause that the individual is a suspected or known terrorist.

Iowan senator Chuck Grassley wanted to clarify what it means for a person to be too mentally ill to purchase a gun, and the accused would have an opportunity to challenge such a decision.