Crooked has had enough with the rap game and is taking matters into his own hands come this August. We know for awhile him and the rest of Slaughterhouse were some of the only real ones left who cared about the game and the message it portrays throughout the music. Now it’s finally time he drops Good Vs. Evil, to usher in a new generation of artists.

Posted by: Frankie Zing

Formally Crooked I, KXNG gives the exclusive to HipHopDX, but I’m all over the news of one of my favorite artists ever. Long Beach’s own created Good vs. Evil as a “fictional story that mirrors reality.” It will have guest celebrities providing narration to the story, which follows a “rebel leader in a parallel world.” The project will reflect the times and social/political issues.

KXNG Crooked gives his insight on the current status of hip-hop and we should be improving below:

“I feel like the project is much needed. I think we need to have some more conversations than Hip Hop. Some more political conversations, some more conversations about police, the relationship between the community and the police, more conversations about politicians and their pandering and what they will really do and conversations about laws that are really just designed to attack the inner city and the minorities. I think it’s time to start having those conversations. So this album is for the grown up people and I think it’s going to shake a few things up because it’s raw and edgy. It’s unapologetic.”

“I remember when music reflected what was going on. Now you can have people protesting a Hilary Clinton rally or burning a flag outside of a Trump rally and then walk across the street to a rap concert talking about money and hoes. It doesn’t match. If you’re not talking about the times nowhere in your music, then you’re not a real artist to me.”