IFWT_Lance Stephenson

Social media is making it a lot harder for these athletes to cheat unnoticed.  Lance Stephenson reportedly told his girlfriend Amber that he’s going to his baby mother Jasmine’s house to see his son on Father’s Day.  I know some women may not like that but you can’t possibly object.  Unfortunately for his GF, his BM had other plans for him and decided to put it all on Snapchat.

On Jasmine’s snapchat you can see rose petals on the steps leading up to the bed with more petals on it. She then shows herself in a one-piece and then she and Lance take a bath together.

Someone alerted Lance’s girlfriend to what was going on and she decided to put it on Instagram because… why not? (sarcasm)  Amber says she has since dumped Lance.

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source: BSO