IFWT_Ben Affleck

Bill Simmons is back and has a new show called Any Given Wednesday on HBO.  For the premiere he had actor and New England native Ben Affleck who was a bit tipsy to say the least.

Affleck who is of course a New England Patriots fan went in, cursing and ranting about NFL commissioner Roger Goodell and the league suspending Tom Brady for DeflateGate.

Many thought he was drunk or on something but sources close to Affleck tell TMZ Sports he’s stone-cold sober, and the slurring is just how passionate he is about Tom Brady.  They say he and Simmons got into a heated, loud debate before cameras started rolling. So when the taping started at 11 AM, Ben was already fired up.

Of course they’re not going to admit he was drunk but something was definitely up.

He did make a good point about Brady not wanting to give up his cell phone though.  I wouldn’t want to give my personal phone to a league that’s as leak-prone as the NFL either.

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