A DJ is now suing Walgreens due to the fact that their ear plugs were supposedly defective. Joseph Alpern says back in 2013, he bought a pair of earplugs due to the fact that he was about to start working at a Brooklyn club with powerful sound.

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Alpern says he used the ear plugs and upon leaving the club he experienced “an immediate sharp pain, accompanied by a ringing sound.” He says the pain was so bad, he couldn’t even sleep. This was an ongoing cycle for about 6 months. Alpern says he went to a specialist who told him he had severe nerve damage to his ears and blamed them on the ear plugs. The doctor said the ear plugs were so tight, pulling them out pulled his eardrum. Ouch! Alpern says he now suffers from severe headaches, experiences fatigue and cant even listen to music at a regular volume. He is suing Walgreens for a minimum of $640,000.

Source: TMZ