While Lil Wayne was in jail from March of 2010 to that November, he kept a daily journal where he shared his thoughts and ideas from behind bars. Back in 2012, news of the journal being turned into a book titled Gone ‘Til November was announced, along with a cover and a 2013 release date. A pre-order link was even released as well, but over three years later, nothing had been released.

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Now, the book seems like it’s really going to see the light of day, as pre-order links have popped up on  the Apple Store, the Barnes and Noble website, publishing company Penguin’s website and more. The pre-order link to the old book is still active (though you can’t purchase it) and it has a different publisher listed, so perhaps there was an issue with the company?

Either way, you’ll be able to get your hands on Gone ‘Til November on October 11. Will you be copping?