Yep, more 2016 Olympic drama. As Team USA prepares for the event, earlier today, body parts including specifically a foot washed up on the Copacabana Beach just a short distance where the Olympic Volleyball match is set to take place. According to locals, crime has increase quite a bit this year in comparison to last. Is it safe for our athletes?

As if the Zika virus weren’t enough (yes, I’m still on that), we’ve got to worry about a lack of security for our athletes traveling to Rio de Janeiro to compete in this year’s Olympic games. One of Rio’s mayor’s bodyguards was shot to death in a mugging, and the Australian Paralympic team too were victims of a mugging at gunpoint earlier this month. What sick bastard would mug Paralympic athletes?

As for the body parts, no word yet on where they came from nor from whom. Let’s just keep hope alive that nothing else turns up.

Welp, all I can say is that we should say a prayer or 5…or do whatever it is that you do for peace and blessings. #GoTeamUSA