Chauncey Mahan is the engineer who once sued Jay-Z over the mastered versions of Life and Times of S. Carter” and “The Dynasty” albums. Although he did not win those suits, he is now suing NYPD, LAPD and a slew of lawyers for the seizing the records.

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Mahon says that Jay-Z’s attorneys told the cops that the records were stolen and that it was all part of a extortion plot. He blames the LAPD for taking the tapes from his storage facility and he blames the NYPD for taking the tapes from the studio where the tapes were actually made, Baseline Studios. On top of that, he is suing he owner of the studio too. Mahan is furious because the LAPD is currently still holding the records. He says they partly belong to him too. He is suing NYC and LA for $50 million a piece. Heres what his whole lawsuit consists of.

LAPD $10 million
– NYPD $10 million
– Roc Nation lawyers $80 million
– Studio owner $20 million

Source: TMZ