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Joe Budden and Meek Mill’s beef goes back to last summer, when Joe poked fun at Meek’s relationship with Nicki Minaj on his podcast. A few words were exchanged on Twitter (with Meek once even trying to sic Nicki’s Barbz on the New Jersey rapper,) but Joe simply apologized as he never meant any ill will. Times have changed, however.

Now that he’s a free agent and is gearing up to change directions in his rapping (adopting the nickname Rage for his joint project with Araab Muzik, Rage & The Machine,) Joey is looking to “encourage rappers to rap again,” and it looks like he’ll be starting with Meek.

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Earlier this week, Meek previewed a new song on Instagram, and many thought it was going to be a Joe diss. Responding to the blog posts, Meek assured everyone that he had no plans to give Joe attention, and proceeded to diss him in his comment. This sparked Joe to retaliate, and he took to Twitter to let Meek know his diss is on the way. This should be interesting!

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