IFWT_Omnidirectional tire
One of those ‘can’t front’ moments, conquering parallel parking may be one of man’s greatest achievements of all time!! If you’re not a driver you may not understand but one day you may drive and trust me, you will understand!! A company by the name of Liddiard spent 8 long years and $80K on making and Experimental Omnidirectional tire that doesn’t just go forward or in reverse, but sideways, catty corner and more, they’ve literally re-invented the wheel!!!

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#omnidirectional wheels so non-drivers can parallel park… What's a flat on that going to cost?!?

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This has been on the minds of developers for a while with patents being filed going back to 1912, but Liddiard seems to have a working model but not yet ready for public consumption;

“I would love to see a major corporation pick it up and run with it. They could bring it to market more effectively and quicker than I could, but I’m not going to stop. I’ll keep moving forward with it.”

My biggest question, dealing with flat tires all the time, especially in NYC, what the hell would this flat cost?!?!?