I guess we know why he doesn’t want anyone to see his tax returns.. This could just be the tip of the iceberg.

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The year was 2012 at a charity fundraiser in Palm Beach. Trump was in a bidding war for a helmet signed by Tim Tebow, mind you this was back when Tebow was relevant in the NFL. Trump won by donating a whopping $12,000. He made headlines for being giving and “charitable”.

Whats the issue?

Well according to the host organization (The Susan G. Komen organization) the payment was given from the Donald J. Trump Foundation…Trump’s non-for-profit organization. This fact alone already violates the “self-dealing” clause for non-for-profit orgs.

It all depends on what he did with the helmet though. If Donald Trump still has possession of the helmet that would be a problem and he would have to pay a fine. If he decided to auction it off for a charitable cause, then he’s in the clear. But you have to consider that the helmet is definitely not worth the same as it was 4 years ago…