Duron Carter’s touchdown was definitely noteworthy, but not to the tune of being a complete jerk. PLEASE check out what he did to get himself ejected from the Alouette-Ottowa game tonight.

So…again…great touchdown, and I can only presume that Carter was straight feelin’ himself. He ran up on the opposing team’s side to give them a good look at what a winner looks like. So in the midst of that…he knocks down head coach, Rick Campbell. Now….when I say knocks down…I mean more like the coach took the charge…look for yourself. It’s not like Duron took a running start…it’s not even like he ran up on him square. In my personal opinion, the coach saw an opportunity to get this kid out of the game…smh. I mean look how he fell. Who falls like that? Honestly, I don’t even think Duron realized he had knocked the coach down at first.

I don’t buy it…but again, I hope young Carter learned a lesson. Look at TO…OchoCinco…showboating isn’t always the best of ideas boo. #IJS #LearnFromIt

Also, check out a little post-incident commentary. It really is a tablespoon of BS. Totally Oscar worthy. Cause THEN…check out what Coach Campbell had to say after his team won the game.