Johnny Manziel will most likely not be part of any NFL roster for the 2016 season, so if he wants to play football anytime soon he is going to have to look elsewhere. Enter the Arena league and Commissioner Scott Butera, who made it clear they would love to have Manziel if he was interested.


“We could provide a strong platform for him to demonstrate that he is back,” Butera said. “We would also work with him and provide him whatever help he needed to live a healthy life.”

Arena football plays during the summer and their season only has a little over a month left, so if this ever was to happen we are probably looking at next spring. It’s a wait he might have to settle for because the NFL is going to want to see changes in his actions and to prove he can still play, even if it’s not on the NFL level.

Arena football is right up his alley with his style of play. No word on how interested Johnny would be for the opportunity. He is probably still under the illusion that NFL teams will call during the season.