IFWT_Hot Grandfather

One stylish grandpa from Texas is causing the internet to go haywire. All of social media has went into a frenzy over his devilish good looks and swag. Photos of 54-year-old Irvin Randle who happens to be an elementary school teacher from Houston, started surfacing on social media with the hashtag “MrStealYourGrandma.”

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Instagram | Carli Knox

Pictures of the oh so very dapper grandfather sported a perfect beard, stylish clothes and an amazing body. Randle, who has a six-month old grandson and a four-year-old granddaughter and has been an elementary teacher for the past twenty-two years at Dogan Elementary School in Texas.

How does he stay in such tip top shape you ask? He shared his secrets on his Facebook page for those who are curious. He said drink a lot of water, natural juice, eating a lot of vegetables and healthy food and exercising.

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Source: Daily Mail | WSHH