I’m a bit confused. All the people in the world to have sex, why would someone want to choose inmates. A medical worker in the facility traded different necessities to the female inmates in exchange for sex. The inmates are now filing a lawsuit against the physician assistant.

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Sidney Wilson is being accused of providing the women with Popeye’s chicken, candy, gum, cigarettes, sex toys, and deposits into their inmate spending accounts as long as they have sex with him. He also agreed to give the woman any medications that they wanted or needed. According to a law in NYC, the inmates are legally not able to consent to having sex with jail employees even if they were willing.

There was reports of the abuse starting last year. Reporter Erika Eicrhelberger says one woman stated it started during a medical exam when she asked for a medicated cream to use for her lips. The cream treats rashes such as eczema. The woman in the prison use it as a substitute for lipstick.

Wilson was friendly and chatty. “Do you have a rash?” he asked. Ayala said no, that she needed the cream for her mouth. Then, Ayala says the conversation took a turn. “What are you willing to do for it?” she says Wilson responded. “Show me something and tell me what you want me to do.”