Parents of a student drug informer are now suing the sheriff’s deputy who convinced their son to sell drugs as a informant. Before Andrew Sadek became a police informant, police searched his dorm room and found leftover marijuana residue and also a grinder.

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Back in 2013 of November, Richland County sheriff’s deputy Jason Weber made a statement staying,

“Obviously, you’re probably not going to get 40 years, but is it a good possibility you’re going to get prison time if you don’t help yourself out? Yeah, there is. That’s probably not a way to start off your young adult life and career, right?” Weber told Sadek, “What I’m going to ask for you to do is do some buys for me… then depending upon how you do… a lot of this could go away.”

Six month later, Sadek was found dead. So sad. John and Tammy Sadek have now filed a wrongful death lawsuit. The parents are accusing Weber of Deputy Weber of fraud and deceit for the simple fact that he told their son he would be put in jail had he not become a informant. They said Weber did not supervise Andrew nor train him. His body was found discovered in Minnesota’s Red River with a bullet to the head and a backpack full of rocks.

Tammy says,

“I think [Andrew] was trying to get his quota, and he went to the wrong person. I firmly believe he didn’t do this to himself. There was no depression. No note. I’ve gone through everything. He had plans for that weekend [he went missing] He had plans for his life.”

Source: Complex