I guess the Savage truly came out of 21 after he jumped in the crowd to fight someone during his show. A source says the fight started after the XXL freshman rapper felt as though his set was being disrespected.

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The source stated,

“He was on the last song of his set when guys in the crowd were throwing up their set and disrespecting his. He told them to calm down but then they started trying to rush the stage.”

In a video we see 21 tucking his chain and getting ready to get right with his team right behind him. The whole thing was caught on Periscope. The source continued by saying,

“They found in the middle of the crowd and then the fight started spreading to bystanders and it became a brawl,”

After the fight was broken up, 21 returned to the stage but it was a done deal for the show. The fans had had enough and proceeded to exit the venue. The SWAT had ended up coming shutting down surrounding streets. Police reported that bottles and chairs had been thrown and barricades had been knocked down.

Check out the clips of the brawl below.

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