After releasing “Making A Murderer (Part One)” last week, Joe Budden comes for Drake a second time with “Wake.” This time, Joe makes note of the artists that Drake has seemingly used for his own advantage and done nothing to help them further, naming Migos, Fetty Wap, iLoveMakonnen, The Weeknd and even “Started From The Bottom” producer, Mike Zombie.

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On Mike:

“Are you lifeless? Sound like a zombie on the track
Remember “Started From the Bottom,” it was Zombie on the Track
Know who else started from the bottom? Zombie on the Track
How come after that joint I don’t see Zombie on a track?
I’m from Jersey, so Zombie I got your back”

This certainly puts Mike in an awkward position, as he’s still signed to OVO and still pledges his allegiance to them, so I’m interested to see whether Drake uses this as leverage. (For example, employs Mike to produce a diss back to Joey…)

On how he’s scared of Pusha T:

“So I take all the guns, load half the clips
I just notice you run, we mention half of Clipse”

On Fetty and Migos:

“Gucci wasn’t home two seconds before you rode his dick
Bodied Versace flows, copy, that he stole
Ay dios mio, sorry Migos, adios amigo
Was that your plot all along?
Why you ain’t do that vid with Fetty but you hopped on the song?”

On PND, iLoveMakonnen and The Weeknd:

“No really, we want a Party album
But you keep stealing all of Party’s album
To go and put it on your party album
It’s plenty reason to slay you
Kept going up Tuesday’s and now The Weeknd just hates you”

If you’re unsure how the beef started, Joe had critiqued Drake’s Views on I’ll Name This Podcast Later earlier this spring, upset that Drake sounded “uninspired” and “wasn’t progressing.” Drake would later hint at a response by rapping “Pump, pump it up” on a preview of a collab with French Montana, and according to Joe (who says he heard the whole song,) he went on to diss Joe further from there. After waiting nearly two months for the song to drop, Joe got restless, and decided to drop his diss first – possibly inspired by what he felt were subs on Drake‘s “4pm In Calabasas.”

Listen to “Wake” here, and check out the breakdown of lyrics at Genius.