In the last 48 hours, two innocent lives were lost because of trigger-happy police. They were both black men. The cops were not.

This is just the latest in an on-going issue between cops and people of color – or on an even broader scale (so you #AllLivesMatter people will actually pay attention,) cops with a God complex and innocent people who don’t deserve to die. There is no justification. Selling CDs doesn’t equal a death sentence. Selling cigarettes doesn’t equal a death sentence. Carrying a toy gun doesn’t equal a death sentence. And carrying a licensed weapon, rightfully informing the cop who stopped you for a busted tail light about it and reaching for your ID as asked also does not equal a death sentence.

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Like many of us, Bernie Sanders is fed up. “The violence that killed Alton Sterling and Philando Castile has become an all too common occurrence for people of color,” he tweeted moments ago. “IT. MUST. STOP.”

Of course he’s right, but what’s it going to take? How can they possibly justify the latest shooting? I don’t even know what to say anymore… As Rosenberg stated yesterday, the first step would be police stepping up and admitting that one of their own was DEAD WRONG. Accountability is necessary to spark a change. Let’s stop taking innocent lives simply because SOME police men are cowards who hide behind a badge.