With only a couple of days to go for Saturday’s highly anticipated UFC 200 event featuring Jones vs. Cormier, Jones has been disqualified and the new main event is Lesnar vs. Hunt.

With all the hub-bub and hoopla surrounding this event, you’d think that everyone would be on their Ps and Qs. With only having returned to fight a few weeks ago, you’d think that Jon Jones would do everything within his power to stay on the up and up. Well, all thoughts would be incorrect.

Jones was scheduled to fight Daniel Cormier this Saturday in the highly publicized UFC 200, but has been pulled from the event “due to a potential violation in a USADA drug test administered on June 16”.

This is some straight BS. Was Jones that afraid that he couldn’t stand up to Cormier? Did he WANT to be disqualified? SMH.

The story is unfolding…stay tuned.