Minutes after reports of the Dallas shooting and news of officers being shot and killed Tomi Lahren became a trending topic on Twitter. She took to Twitter last night to say that the #BlackLivesMatter Movement is the new KKK and that the #BlackLivesMatter Movement is to blame for the Dallas shooting. Tomi quickly deleted the tweet but people on Twitter wanted answers as to why she said that.

Carli Knox: Instagram | Twitter

Tomi Lahren never tweeted why she deleted the tweet but she did go on to insinuate that President Obama and Attorney General Loretta Lynch are also to blame in the murders of Dallas officers.

Lahren is very outspoken and tends to touch base on issues that what seems to look like she doesn’t have much knowledge of. After mischaracterizing the #BLM group there has been a petition to have Lahren fired from The Blaze.

Natia Brown started the petition on Change.org and wrote:

“Tomi Lahren needs to be fired because her INHUMANE comments against anything African American continues to go on and no one does anything about it. She’s clearly impartial and should not be allowed to attack black people the way she has.”

It is not the first such petition.

Tomi Lahren is a news commentator who really needs to open up a history book or an internet browser and search the web about the history of African-Americans and their fight for freedom an equal rights before she voices her opinion. My ancestors were brought to this country against their will and were forced to be slaves. They were raped, castrated, lynched, burned, whipped etc and although this happened centuries ago black people are STILL being treated as second class citizens. She wants black people to forget about our history and the trials and tribulations OUR ancestors went though for US to be “free” today. Well that wont be happening! Tomi seems as if she isn’t very educated on the topics she chooses speak on. She makes The Blaze look terrible! She should be fired and replaced with someone who is knowledgeable about issues in the black community. She talks as if what is happening isn’t real when it’s right in her face.

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Source: Mediaite