Nobody is immune to feeling some type of emotion with all the police related incidents that have happened this week. Alton Sterling and Philando Castile both lost their lives this week in separate interactions with police that most people with common sense would know didn’t have to happen. People were angry and justifiably so as yet again, black men were executed by police without the need for that type of force to be used. Last night, things escalated even worse, as members of the Dallas PD were ambushed by a gunman and possibly others, which resulted in the deaths of five police officers and at least one innocent bystander. Athletes might make way more money than us but they feel the same things we do and many of them, including Lebron James, Kevin Durant, Deion Sanders and more took to social media to vent.


Before last night’s ambush of Dallas police, Lebron was active on twitter, as he tweeted out the names of both Sterling and Castile. He also tweeted a link to a story about Castile, which you can read here, that left Bron saying “This article says it all man! Sickens me and I shed multiple tears about it all”. After news broke about what happened in Dallas he took to twitter again to vent how he was feeling.

Kevin Durant tweeted this morning “Another black man killed….Another young black kid without a dad…Think about that for a second”

Countless other athletes, former athletes and people involved in sports in general also tweeted their emotions at such a crazy time.

Athletes are no different than us but sometimes because of their name, their words can carry longer and make more of an impact than us regular people.

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