IFWT_Police Shootings

Police killing innocent black men, woman and children is becoming way too common. The black community is tired of watching their fathers, sons, brothers, uncles, mothers, aunts, cousins, sisters etc getting murdered for no reason. And to make everything worse is that now cell phones are capturing these executions for all to see. I don’t like to read stories about innocent black men and women getting killed by those who are supposed to protect and serve the communities. It breaks my heart to see the families of the victims cry on TV and just let out all of their anger and frustration. It irks my soul that myself or someone I know can be another police brutality story. Acting out in a violent manner will not solve the problem it will only make the black community look just like the ones in blue killing our people in cold blood.

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Everyone of all races and backgrounds need to come together and find a way to seek justice. And the police officers who feel as if they don’t have support from the community do you blame the community for not trusting you? You’re killing our people and going home to your family while the other families want answers to why their loved one was killed. And then there are the “good” cops who do their job but don’t speak up when you see someone else slacking on the job.

The man in the video below is just as tired as I am. He wants to know if this police brutality is going to be a trend.

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Source: WSHH