Nick Young probably can’t stand Gilbert Arenas right now. The two friends go back to their days together with the Wizards and have been close ever since but after the way Gil showed up at Nick’s house and annoyed the hell out of him & his son, he might want to keep his distance for a bit. Arenas hopped the fence at Nick’s house yesterday and let himself in. The hilarity started the moment he walked in.


Right off the bat, Gilbert gets Nick on camera and repeatedly asked him why was he cheating on Iggy. It was clear from the start Nick wanted nothing to do with being on camera (we all know what happened last time he was recorded talking on camera).

He then offers to “get rid” of Keonna Green, the mother of Nick’s son and who is currently pregnant with their second child. Perhaps the best part of the video however, are the times that Gilbert is absolutely torturing Nick Jr, and throwing his toys around the house and yard.

It is everything you would expect from Gilbert Arenas at this point.