Dwyane Wade married his high school sweetheart, Siohvaughn Funches, in 2002 and they enjoyed what seemed like a happy relationship until around 2007. That’s when some issues began to arise and by 2010 they were officially divorced. Wade was awarded custody of the couple’s two children, Zaire and Zion in 2011 and after that she somewhat went off the edge, staging a bizarre sit in protest at Daley Plaza in Chicago, claiming Wade had left her “homeless.” Her behavior only solidified to the court that they made the right decision in the custody battle. She claimed she was left homeless, despite receiving payments from Wade monthly at the time to the tune of thousands of dollars per month. Eventually they settled on a lump sum payment of $5 million dollars in 2013 and that would be the end of everything. Well it’s 2016 and Wade is back in Chicago and she is trying to reopen everything, claiming she deserves more money.


Funches wants a Cook County judge to throw out her settlement agreement with Wade and give her a larger piece of his basketball earnings, including a slice of the $47 million he’s set to be paid by the Bulls.

She claims her lawyer at the time, Brian Hurst, made the deal with Wade for the $5 million without her knowledge and last year she filed a lawsuit against him for malpractice. That itself is sketchy considering she took two years to do anything but in the mean time she was using the money but I digress.

Judge Martin Agran on Friday threw her lawsuit out but offered her the chance to file an amended lawsuit — an opportunity her latest lawyer, Thomas Gooch, says she “absolutely” intends to take.

The suit, which does not name Wade as a defendant, claims Hurst “failed miserably” to represent her, required her “to remain out of the conference room where negotiations were taking place” and “informed the court falsely” that Funches had agreed to the deal when she was not aware of all the terms. For his part, Hurst denies doing anything wrong and she knew exactly what was happening and what she was getting.

Previous allegations she made of abuse against Wade and his lawyers were dismissed.