Nothing to see here, just our educational system showing us once again how they’re failing our youth.

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Pride is a bitch. And that’s the case here. The school administration didn’t want to admit that they were wrong and refused to overturn their decision or even apologize to a 15 year old girl -.-

The girl’s mother was not buying what the police and the school administration were saying. They literally picked here out for no real reason and searched her bag, pockets, and locker. They patted her down and smelled her hands (fu***ing weirdos) and said she was guilty of smelling like it .

Bam! 5 days suspension. Her mom was smart enough to get a drug test, which she passed, and showed the stubborn administration that they were wrong. But they simply changed her crime to “possession of marijuana” (even though they said she didn’t have any at first) -___-

Here’s the video:

*Warning* You will get tight.