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There is a lot of negativity surrounding cops this past week as there has been three police shootings turned fatal. Alton Sterling, Philando Castile and Alva Baziel were victims of police brutality this past week (that we know of) and lost their lives from what it looks like to be for no reason. Although there are a handful of police who do not do their job the right way there are some who actually do care about the communities that they patrol we tend to hear the stories of the bad ones. Officer Tommy Norman of Little Rock, Arkansas is one of those cops who truly cares for the people in his community and The Game and his son Harlem have started a GoFundMe page to help Officer Nelson continue to help the community he protects and serves.

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You may see Tommy Norman on social media giving back to the people of North Little Rock, Arkansas. Not only does he just give to the people of that community but he also has a strong relationship with the adults and children in that community. The Games son, Harlem, started a GoFundMe page for the officer is hope to raise $10,000 to help him continue his efforts.

The Game went to Instagram and posted his plan to help raise money for Norman and the community. Norman did take notice Game’s and Harlem’s good deed to help. Norman responded to the good deed with gratitude.

“What do I say? What do I do. As I type this I look into the sky & thank the man above for my heart to serve! But can I be honest? I don’t see what you see. I don’t see the amazement. Being on the inside looking out, and giving of my heart & soul for so many years is just a part of life for me. To grab the worlds attention? No way! A sincere thank you to @losangelesconfidential & his son @hvrlemtaylor for having faith in my mission & dream to change the world!”

This is a nice story to read since a lot of news headlines this week have been depressing.
Don’t forget, IFWT’s IG pointed out Officer Norman’s good deed’s day’s before his recent blow up;

Put Light on the good too tho…. Via: @lovehiphopfights

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