Recently Lil Boosie spoke on his views about the situation going on in Baton Rouge and police brutality. In the sit down Boosie speaks on how he has been trying to tell people for a while now about the police injustices going on in Baton Rouge. He also states his views on the relationship between the black community and police officers. Citing that there will never really be peace between the two. He states that the relationship “will never be peace because its too far gone man… too many lives been lost”. Peep the video of Boozie after the jump.

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The video comes in response to recent protests and clashing between the black and police community. The clashing is fueled by what many are calling injustices suffered by two men, Alton Sterling and Phillando Castile, both were shot and killed by police this past week.
(Photo) President Obama Releases A Statement On The Killing Of Alton Sterling And Philando Castile

In the video Boosie says he does not allow his children to play with toy guns in fears that they may suffer the same fate.

Source: TMZ