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Floyd Mayweather did an extensive interview with Hollywood Unlocked.  I posted the tidbit from part two of him saying Future and Young Thug were supposed to sign with TMT first.  Now here’s part one of the interview that I promised.  They kick things off discussing a whole lot of subjects including Floyd’s harem of women, Adrien Broner, Triple G, Conor McGregor, domestic violence accusations and rumors he can’t read.

Here’s the video, and I wrote out a brief summary of each topic below.

On his harem of women:

Floyd went very easy on his ex Miss Jackson.  He noted that he cleaned up her look and paid for her acting classes and tried to help her career.  He did mention that the value of any woman that’s with him appreciates and their value depreciates when they leave him.  He also noted that all the women in his life have various houses and cars and he helps them open up their own businesses.

Sidenote: He has two names for women “Tracey” meaning part of a threesome and “Burger King” meaning he’ll have things his way.  (You gotta listen to that part around 18:25 )

On Adrien Broner:

Jason Lee noted that Adrien Broner called Floyd Mayweather and sounded like he was on the verge of suicide and someone was chasing him with guns.  Jason says Floyd stopped what he was doing and made sure Broner was safe.  Jason says Floyd took pictures with Broner’s kids while in D.C. then Adrien later on went and talked sh-t about Floyd on cameras.  Again Floyd elected to “not be negative.”  Floyd says Broner is young and that you and live and learn and make a lot of mistakes.  Mayweather says Broner needs to focus on his boxing.

On Triple G/ Conor McGregor:

McGregor said he “runs boxing” and Floyd noted that he’s the only one that made $600 million off the sport.  Floyd says he’s the biggest name in MMA and boxing and he’s not even competing anymore.  Floyd says he doesn’t want to say anything bad about either of them but he’s been out of boxing for a year and he’s still the most relevant.

On Domestic Violence:

Floyd says people try to defeat him in many different ways.  He says the “woman beater” was a label to try to get to him mentally.  He says he wants to see the photos of proof.  He noted that you see photos from other celebrity DV cases but none from his.  “I’m a fighter, you see the damage that I do with gloves on so of course you would be able to see the damage that I do with gloves off, and we haven’t seen it yet,” says Floyd.

On him being illiterate:

Segueing off the domestic violence accusations, he says the rumors that he can’t read, were another way to try and defeat him.  “If you believe that I made $800 million and I can’t read, then that’s on you,” Floyd says.  He noted that he did award shows and fight promos and read off teleprompters and he’s going to let people believe what they want.  He says people can’t defeat him in the ring so they try so many other ways.  He also noted that his family is happy he left school to pursue his dreams.

Other notes: He says he makes seven figures a month while retired because of good investments.  He noted that he owns a lot of properties in Las Vegas, Miami, LA, and New York City, more specifically the Times Square area.  He says in has high rises in every major city in the U.S.  He also talked about his influence on the culture, his clothing choices, homosexuality and more towards the end.

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