An NYPD officer by the name of Michael Birch, claims he was punished for not racially profiling black and latino people. Birch says his punishments included not being allowed overtime hours and had his professional activities scrutinized. There is now an audio clip out in which we can hear Birch being arrested for not arresting more blacks and latinos.

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The transit cop said he was scolded for arresting women and white people for jumping turnstiles, while claiming that most of the people jumping turnstiles were teenage black and Latino males.
Birch can be heard saying in the audio,

“I stop everybody. I’m not targeting anybody.”

The alleged boss then said,

“You’re like the fire department. You’re just waiting. The proactive is not there… putting your hands on a limited amount of people and not the right people,”

Birch’s attorney said he has since been transferred from Brooklyn to Bed-stuy and he is doing just fine there.

Check out the audio below.

Source: Complex