IFWT_Christina Milian Selfie

Christina Milian is your latest celebrity to weigh in on what’s going on in the today’s society with it’s number one issue of police brutality. In the early hours of this morning she took to Twitter to let out her feelings on the situation, encouraging for all to stand together and finished with the hastag #AllLivesMatter…the twittersphere just wasn’t having it.

Posted by: Frankie Zing

Ok I feel there’s two sides to the spectrum here. Some people want to make things better and unite one another by saying #AllLivesMatter when in a debate over #BlackLivesMatter. When they do, they are deemed racist and insensitive to the situation because they aren’t black, or are not going through a “black man vs. white cop” situation. But, to someone who has or is going through that situation (hence anyone who is African-American), they are just trying to say “look yes all lives do matter, but it’s not time for that right now, we’re just trying to shed light on the fact that black lives matter and right now THAT needs the attention.” Make any bit of sense? Check the gallery above for what Christina Milian had to say and some of the Twitter responses she got following.