IFWT_Dwayne Johnson
The football player turned wrestler turned big time movie star Dwayne ‘The Rock’ Johnson will be back in Ballers season two with a slight twist.

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Spencer Strasmore’s (Dwayne Johnson) football career ending was just the beginning for him. Now he’s a financial advisor for some of the games biggest hotheads. He’s now realizing that this becomes harder than what he’s done on the field.

Ballers gives funny but also relatable looks at the worlds most talented football players and they go through their careers, relationships, and identities. The stakes are high for Spencer as he has to calm his clients while fighting off his old rival Andre Allen (Andy Garcia) who’s looking to put him out of business. Of course, there is no offseason for him like there was when he was playing.

The show premiers season 2 July 17th at 10pm on HBO.