Mike Will-Made-It is one two people who are responsible for the production on Gucci Mane’s new album, Everybody Looking, and he knows what Gucci’s fans can expect from the release when it drops later this month.

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“This is a classic hip-hop album. I haven’t really [heard] an album that felt this good since Get Rich Or Die Trying. That’s what everybody searching for.”

Mike said in a recent interview.

During the making of the album Mike and Gucci looked towards different artist and specific albums, including All Eyez On Me, The Chronic, and Layin’ Da Smack Down by Project Pat.

Mike went on to say

“We were just talking about different, solid albums. And we was like, ‘We gotta bring that solid album of today.’ It has to be somebody that’s gon elevate this trap sound, this down South rap shit right now. Everybody’s doing their thing, but elevate it in a different way.”

Everybody Looking was created in less than a week, 6 days, immediately following Gucci’s release from prison. Make sure you look out for Everybody Looking set to drop July 22.

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Source: Complex