Losing money is no joke, especially when it’s some serious big bucks. Boosie went on a rant on Instagram sharing how livid he is with his bank.

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Boosie shared on Instagram:

Capital has let someone commit fraud on my account of 469k. When this first happen I went to the banks months str8 asking questions, filing reports, meeting with officers etc. n every time I was givin a bunch of lies n bullshit. They was very unprofessional n ignorant towards me when I was just tryin to get my legally earned money back.i waited on calls from investigators n got not one dam call.

He went on to say:

This is the worst bank in the world do not bank with these people. A year passed n I was told I was denied on getting my money back. Then when my attorneys tried to get this matter in court they said it was to late to have a civil case n get my money back. basically they r saying (In street terms) fuck u we jacked u out a half -a million dollars n that is total disrespect. I’m not going to shut up about this matter. I don’t get disrespected r jacked by NOBODY and it won’t start with u mfs . This bank on General DEGaulle in New Orleans should be closed down for being so harsh ,disrespectful n ignorant to their clients. Louisiana is fucked up .U can’t trust the banks(facts)u can’t trust majority of the people (facts) n u can’t trust the police(facts). I’ve been a fighter my whole life n I’m going to fight for me n my kids money until I’m giving what’s mines 469k.I was even told to leave the bank r they would send me back to prison just for constantly asking for awnsers about the situation smh. U got the game fucked up if u thank u go take my legally earned money. To the heads of capital one banks u need to fix this n fix this ASAP . Wrong is wrong. Pay me my shit. Why put money in the bank when this kind of shit happens to your money?Then they basically tell u fuck off we robbed you out a half-a-million dollars smh. This is not the first time they have did these acts to their clients but The injustice stops here Capital one it stops here‼️

This doesn’t look good for Capital Bank, what do you think?