While many fans are still upset about Kevin Durant’s decision to leave the Thunder and sign with the already loaded Warriors, players themselves aren’t upset at all. Sure they might be mad that it will take a miracle to beat a team like that in the playoffs but they all support Durant’s decision to do as he pleased as a free agent. The entire point of free agency is to give a player some power since for the most part the power always lays in the hands of the owner. JJ Redick of the Clippers is one person who should be mad, considering his team will have to get through the Warriors if they want to reach an NBA finals but he is actually tired of the criticism KD has been receiving and broke down some facts on twitter.


Redick actually has a pretty entertaining podcast where he is refreshingly honest about many things related to the NBA and players themselves. Despite being an opponent of Durant’s for his career, he felt the need to say some things so people can understand why free agency is for the players. For all the talk about “superteams” Redick has his own outlook on that.

“Since Miami formed their “superteam” in ’10 there have been 5 different champs in 6 seasons. All this complaining about comp balance is ?.

Boston formed a “superteam” in ’08 but did thru trades. Ok for teams to group greats 2gether but not for players to decide to do that?

Players should have freedom to decide where they want to play. Period.

Fans with a brain will appreciate what Redick said because it is true. When teams come together in other ways, nobody seems to have an issue. I’m sure Durant will also appreciate the remarks but it won’t stop a lot of fans from being in their feelings about it all.