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Tommy Norman who is a police officer in North Little Rock, AK has many people everywhere appreciating all of his work and efforts that he does for the community he polices. The Game and his son even recognized his great work and started a GoFundMe page to raise money for Norman so he can continue helping and supporting the community. Mariah Carey and Snoop Dogg even let the officer know how much they appreciate him and all that he does.

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Tommy Norman is making these bad cops look beyond terrible. With all of the hard work and dedication he puts into his job he deserves to be recognized especially during times like this where communities can’t trust cops.

Mariah Carey commented on one of Norman’s Instagram videos and Snoop Dogg shouted the cop out in a Instagram post. Norman has been on the police force for 18 years and all of his hard work is appreciated by those in his community and outside of it. He is a reflection of what a police officer should be like. COPS TAKE NOTES!

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