IFWT_Pokemon Go
People are truly getting carried away with this Pokemon stuff. People are discovering dead bodies, and even catching their mates cheating. A 37-year-old man says he spotted two teens, ages 16 and 19 sitting in a white car outside of his home at about 1:30 a.m. He heard a loud noise which prompted the man to go outside armed with a gun.

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As the man walked up to the vehicle, he heard one of the teens say,

“Did you get anything?”

The man thought they were up to no good but they were actually referring to the game. He told them not to move which is when the driver attempted to speed off. The man then shot at the car several times. Police arrived trying to trace the vehicle. The teens mother called the police after seeing gun shots in the car. The teens did not alert the police because they thought someone was trying to scare them.

Source: Complex