These dudes want to be Dominican so bad lol Hit the jump to see what I’m talking about.

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French, being neutral in this Joe Budden-Drake beef ( I believe), still wants to push this song for the sake of business. What better way to promote your song than to shoot your typical 2 dudes and 21 skimpy-clothed women around you.

Who can handle that many women? Don Frenchcisco and El Magico, of course. In the video, French goes by the name “Don Frenchcisco” (a play on the popular Chilean TV personality Don Francisco) and Drake goes by “El Magico” (The Magic Man). The entire video they’re seen rocking the Dominican flag. And in the outer layer of the video, on the bottom, you see them sporting mustaches looking like someone’s Dominican Uncles lmao

Being that they’re light skinned brothas, they probably get that “Oh, when I first saw you I thought you was Dominican” from Latinas all the time.

Peep the snippet: