Fetty Wap’s baby mother Lezhae Zeona has now went on a rant about Fetty and his multiple baby mother’s. Zeona says when she see’s Masika going off on Fetty about his responsibilities she simply has to laugh because she has been there and don’t that before. Zeona went IN on everyone in Fetty’s circle. His lady loves Yaya and Alexis, and also his right hand man Monty. Zeona says she asked Wap to fly her and her daughter out to see her sick grandmother and she got ignored.

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Zeona states that she was put out of a home she shared with Fetty Wap’s sister because she did not have $300. She questioned how could Wap’s sister put his own niece out. She states Fetty does not check on her or her child. She went on to drop a bomb saying she may be pregnant yet AGAIN with Wap’s child. Zeona goes in on Alexis and Yaya and states that Monty is not Wap’s real friend. Listening to her side, we can only feel sorry for her.

Check out what Lezhae Zeona had to say in the gallery.

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