IFWT_Klay Cherise

I don’t know if these two or dating, smashed or if this is some Thin Line Between Love & Hate mess but it just comes off as creepy.  A girl named Cherise posted a picture on Instagram of herself posing next to her name with a spray can in her hand and said her name is now tagged on Klay Thompson’s patio.

The girl is a model and dancer and just recently made the cut to join the Los Angeles Rams cheerleaders. There’s no pictures of her and Klay together, there’s just one pic of her at a Warriors game months ago and she’s standing on the court at the Oracle Arena.

Klay is currently training with the U.S. men’s basketball team in Las Vegas, getting ready for the Rio Olympics.

His last known girlfriend was social media star Hannah and she broke it off after literally catching him cheating.  Since then he’s been living the life of an NBA champion with the ladies.

Soooo stalker or nah?

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