Lord have mercy on this young man’s heart. Adrien Broner was due in court earlier today in Cincinnati for an alleged assault hearing where charges were expected to be dropped…but super-duper-fly Broner showed up 3 hours late. Clearly this judge is unaware of CP time.

The judge had already issued a warrant for Broner, so when he showed up, he got the proverbial book tossed at him. 30 days in jail after Broner said he thought someone put something in his drink. I would have given him 60 for that.

The little assault issue from January will be dealt with when he’s released in a month. SMH. So what does this dude do? Straight to social media. Check the gallery for his Instagram post imploring fans to write to him while he’s “down”…

hhhhhhhhhhhh…in the immortal words of Rocky, ADRIEEEENNNN….
What are you DOING bruh?!?!?