After more than a year and half locked up, Bobby Shmurda’s pre-trial hearings for conspiracy to commit murder and weapons charges finally begin.

Posted by: Frankie Zing

Shmurda’s lawyer, Alex Shaprio, was in court Monday trying to get some statements Shmurda made to police when he was busted for gun possession in June of 2014 tossed. One of the statements being “I use my gun for rap videos – I’m a rapper” to an officer who came to a Brooklyn home for a drug activity investigation.

Manhattan Supreme Court Justice Abraham Clott ruled that prosecutors couldn’t bring up that admission of gun possession in the upcoming trial, although Clott is allowing the following statements Shumrda made to the cops that also appear to suggest the gun was his:

“You can’t charge me with a loaded gun – there’s no bullets in the gun.”

“I know the law. I beat charges before. I have an attorney for that.”

Shmurda’s actual trial is scheduled to begin September 12 and prosecutors are expected to attempt at painting Bobby Shmurda as the leader of GS9, the Crips affiliated gang. Shmurda’s comrades, Rashid “Rasha” Derissant and Alex “A-Rod” Crandon, just went down for 98 and 53 years respectively.