Kevin Durant is just full of surprises this summer. He shocked the world by deciding to take his talents to the Bay Area and join the Warriors after leaving the Thunder via free agency. He had another surprise for folks yesterday when he arrived to practice for Team USA in Vegas, sporting a brand new tattoo, paying homage to both Tupac and Wu-Tang Clan.


The tattoo is somewhat perplexing, considering Durant admitted his very rapper is actually Biggie Smalls and who the hell randomly gets a tattoo of Pac & Wu-Tang but he did explain it somewhat to Marcus Thompson of the Bay Area News Group. Thompson tweeted “Durant is a huge Pac fan, I just learned. Biggie is his favorite but he is supremely impressed with Pac’s mind at such a young age”.

Despite being a huge fan of B.I.G., it’s Pac’s lyrics that strike a chord with Durant. “To be so young and say the things he said,” Durant explained. “Who is thinking like that at the age?”

The Wu-Tang part of the tattoo is just about KD being a hip hop head and not buying into having to choose a side between east coast and west coast music when he was growing up. The Pac tattoo may have more meaning than KD is letting on. He is now the “villain” of the NBA and is drawing criticism from all corners, the same way Pac used to and the ink may serve as a new source of motivation for possibly the best player in the league.

Check the gallery for the tattoo!