Dallas Cowboys rookie running back Ezekiel Elliott, hasn’t even played a single down in the NFL yet but he is dealing with some drama that is unfortunately too familiar to the league. Elliott was accused of domestic violence by an ex-girlfriend this morning as they sat in a car together. Elliott denies touching her in any way and a witness who was in the car at the time states they never saw anything like that happen.



Here is the 911 call Tiffany Thompson made this morning regarding her alleged altercation with Elliott.

She is now claiming he has been assaulting her for “days” but he claims the bruises she already has are from a bar fight she got into earlier this week.

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The woman, who claims to be Elliott’s former live-in girlfriend has accused the former Ohio State star of assaulting her while they sat in a parked car early Friday morning, according to a police report filed Friday morning in Columbus, Ohio.

Elliott denies the two ever lived together but more importantly denies any wrongdoing. She took to her Instagram page, which is now private, to show the damage she claims Elliott is responsible for but a witness who was in the car at the same time said he never saw him touch her. There are actually four witnesses in total who claim they never saw anything happen that the woman is saying. Doesn’t mean it didn’t happen but just makes the investigation more difficult.

Elliot was not charged with anything and was not arrested because of the conflicting accounts from witnesses but she was referred to the prosecutor’s office if she wants to try and press charges. She was examined at the scene by medical personnel but refused treatment.

The NFL is aware of the report and is beginning their own review of the incident. For what it’s worth, TMZ reached out to Elliott’s camp who said “I can assure you the allegations are not true.

Check the gallery for the pictures the woman posted as proof of what she is claiming Elliott did.