No this is how you handle getting pulled over, haha. Props to the cop for actually listening… until it started getting real lol Check out the dope freestyle.

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“We rolled past them and just made eye contact and I knew they were about to mess with us.”

The same feelings expressed by so many back men on a daily basis when dealing with police. The cops followed Long Island rappers King Myers and Taz.Li for two blocks and eventually pulled them over, asking for his license and registration. One of the cops then randomly asked King Myers if he was a rapper and wanted to hear something (A rare-ass question to ask from a police officer).

That’s when Myers hit em with bars from his latest song “Amerikkka”:

“They try to justify why they murder us, they taking our lives but label us the burglars … It’s worse now. We gettin’ killed for selling CDs”

To my surprise the cop looked like he was really enjoying the freestyle. But once King Myers said “Gotta be aware of how cops handle us brutally” the cop took a couple seconds and walked away lol.

Good stuff. Check out the video below: