Remember Christopher LeDay? He is the man who is responsible for making the Alton Sterling video go viral. But as the cliche goes, no good deed goes unpunished. After posting the video to his Facebook account, LeDay was met by police at his place of work the next day. There he was arrested for assault charges along with a whole lot of charges which failed to have any merit. Since the incident LeDay is still out of a job and him and his attorney are fighting to change that. Check in after the jump for more on the story.

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Meet Christopher LeDay, the man who made the Alton Sterling video go viral. Many, including myself, are seeing this man as a hero.

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In this era showing support for anti police brutality can cause you to be an outcast. Many often mistake support for anti police brutality as encouraging brutality on the police. Examples, the disdain which exists in America for the movement that is #BlackLivesMatters. The lawyer of LeDay thinks this is what is going on with her client. 24 hours after posting the video LeDay was met at his by local police with a warrant for his arrest. The warrant was for assault, a charge which had no merrit and did not stand up. Along with the assault charges were unpaid traffic tickets. The tickets have since been paid but LeDay is not being allowed back to work. His employers are citing security clearance issues as there reasoning which is bogus.

In the meantime the community is not letting LeDay suffer alone. A “survival” gofundme page has been set up for LeDay and you can donate to help his cause here. Also check out the video below where LeDay sits down with Fox news to discuss the matter.

Source: Fox5Atlanta